As the sales office and after-sales service center of Mar company, stoe company and Oxford cryosystems company in China, Beijing Unocal Technology Co., Ltd. is also the main partner of detris company in China, including the exclusive agent in the field of synchrotron radiation in China, specializing in X-ray scattering and diffraction structure analysis instruments and related accessories Consumables in the domestic promotion, sales and R & D and production, we make unremitting efforts to provide customers with fully integrated, high value-added all-round solutions.

At present, our company's main products are all applied products in the field of X-ray scattering and diffraction, mainly including biological macromolecules, small molecules and high-pressure complete set of single crystal diffractometer (XRD), powder diffractometer (XRD), small angle wide-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS / WAXS), X-ray imaging, and supporting high and low temperature equipment, high-pressure equipment, stretching device, X-ray intensity tester, A full range of X-ray structural analysis products, such as various supporting goniometers and sample tables, detectors with the latest performance, etc.

The application of instruments and equipment covers material performance characterization from basic research to industrial quality control, involving element analysis, material research, structural analysis and so on. We provide high-precision and high-resolution instruments and equipment to ensure that they include chemistry, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, materials, pharmacy, semiconductor, life science, Enterprise customers and academic research units of nanotechnology need high-end and innovative scientific research on structural analysis of single crystal and powder crystal and small angle wide angle scattering analysis of various materials.

-For new compounds, catalysts, medicines, natural products, proteins and nucleic acids, it is necessary to clearly characterize the three-dimensional (3D) atomic structure of molecules

-Qualitative and quantitative analysis of inorganic crystal phase, organic crystal phase, multi-functional materials, etc., qualitative and quantitative analysis of minerals by X-ray, etc

-Nanostructure analysis (shape, size and internal structure), dispersion stability, particle nucleation, porosity (specific surface), crystallinity and orientation, bio SAXS in solution, GISAXS, etc.

Our company aims to provide first-class integrity, quality and efficiency, relies on high-tech, and adheres to the principle of "reputation first, customer first", providing professional products, technical services and support to meet the increasingly complex and diversified needs of customers.

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