Product name:Cryostream 800


Place of Origin:UK


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The 800 series holds true to the values of the very first Cryostream cooler; to offer true reliability, ease of use and low cost of ownership. The new Cryostream controller boasts a touch screen and optional web-based control and monitoring service. The space-saving 800 series coldhead now integrates the shield gas feed, offering more uniform integration on all commercially available X-ray equipment.


The Cryostream now features an integrated Auto Refill system, allowing users to monitor, control and automatically refill their Cryostream Dewar from the 800 series Controller

800 series Cryostream


Temperature range: 80-400 Kelvin  (or 80-500 Kelvin for 800 Plus)

Liquid nitrogen consumption: 0.6 litres/hour at 5 litres/minute gas flow, 1.2 litres/hour at 10 litres/minute gas flow

Temperature stability: 0.1 Kelvin

Cool down time to 100 Kelvin: 20 minutes

Length of flexible transfer line: 1500 mm (standard) or 3000 mm (special configuration)

Cryostream Controller


Dimensions & weight: 263 mm W x 141 mm H x 299 mm D

Mains Power supply: 100- 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 500VA

800 series Gas Pump


Dimensions & weight: 263 mm W x 184 mm H x 272 mm D

AD61 Dry Air Unit


Dimensions & weight: 660 mm W x 415 mm H x 300 mm D, 42 kg

Mains Power supply: 115-120 / 230-240VAC 60Hz or 110-120 / 220-240VAC 50Hz

Power Consumption: 750VA

Varibeam Support Stand


Max. table to sample height (Cryostream vertical): 600 mm

Max. horizontal distance to sample from Varibeam column: 430 mm

Weight: 7 kg

ES60 Dewar vessel


Volume: 60 litres

Construction: Welded stainless steel

Overall height: 725 mm

Overall diameter: 457 mm

Internal depth: 650 mm

Weight empty: 36 kg

Weight full: Approx 96 kg

Neck size: NW50 KF fitting 50mm bore