Product name:Smartstream


Place of Origin:UK

· Smartstream Cooler with integrated controller & nozzle · High purity dry air unit, optimised for Smartstream · Optional table stand and optional Varibeam stand

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The Smartstream offers the optimum solution for small molecule crystallographers, with a base temperature of 170 K ( – 103° C ) without liquid nitrogen, and importantly, with virtually no requirement for maintenance or services such as cooling water! Smartstream consists of:

· Smartstream Cooler with integrated controller & nozzle

· High purity dry air unit, optimised for Smartstream

· Optional table stand and optional Varibeam stand

The Smartstream has been designed to be easily integrated with most X-ray systems, whether freestanding or benchtop

Smartstream performance


Temperature Range: 170 - 400 Kelvin  or 170 - 500 Kelvin for Smartstream Plus

Temperature Stability: 0.1 Kelvin

Cold Gas Flow Rate 5 litres / Minute

Shroud Gas Flow Rate 10 Litres / Minute or 13 Litres /Minute in Turbo mode

Cooldown Time to 170K : 50 minutes

Weights and dimensions


Base Unit Dimensions:  263mm W x 425mm D x 426mm H

Base Unit Weight: 25 kg

Delivery Nozzle:  As per 800 Series Cryostream (drawings available on request)

Flexible Transfer Line Length: 1500mm

Power requirements


Power Requirements:  100-120 V 60Hz or 200-240 V 50Hz

Power Consumption 400VA max

Smartstream dry air unit


Dimensions:  630mm W x 415mm H x 300mm D

Weight: 42kg

Power Requirements: 100- 240V 50 or 60 Hz

Power Consumption: 750VA max

Dry air requirements for in-house source


Gas Type: Clean dry air or nitrogen

Atmospheric Dew Point: better than -70°C

Delivery Pressure: 1 bar or 15 psi

Flow Rate : At least 15 litres / Minute